How to get Green Check Mark on Whatsapp Business 2023 (5 Steps)

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WhatsApp has become an integral part of business communication, allowing brands to connect with their customers in a convenient and personal way. One essential feature that businesses aspire to achieve is the WhatsApp Green Tick Verification, which adds credibility and trust to their brand presence. In this article, we will explore how you can obtain WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for your Business, ensuring that your customers can easily identify your authentic business presence on the platform.

Understanding Green Check Mark on Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is a symbol that indicates a business account has been verified by WhatsApp as authentic and legitimate. It helps businesses establish trust with their customers by confirming that they are communicating with a verified brand. The green tick appears next to the business name in WhatsApp conversations and group chats, distinguishing it from regular user accounts.

Benefits of Green Check Mark on Whatsapp Business

Obtaining WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for Flexiwaba can bring several advantages to your brand:

  1. Enhanced Credibility: The green tick adds credibility to your brand presence and assures customers that they are interacting with a trusted business.
  2. Increased Trust: Verified businesses are more likely to be trusted by customers, leading to improved engagement and higher conversion rates.
  3. Visibility and Recognition: The green tick differentiates your brand from competitors and increases brand recognition among WhatsApp users.
  4. Access to Business Features: Verified accounts gain access to additional WhatsApp Business features, such as automated messages and labels, enhancing customer support and overall experience.

Eligibility for Green Check Mark on Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp has specific eligibility criteria that brands must meet to be considered for Green Tick Verification. Here are the key requirements:

  1. Authenticity: Your brand must be a genuine business entity with a valid website and official contact information.
  2. Compliance: Your brand should adhere to WhatsApp’s Business Policy and Terms of Service, ensuring ethical and responsible usage of the platform.
  3. Relevance: Your brand’s products or services must align with WhatsApp’s guidelines and be suitable for business communication.

How to Apply for Green Check Mark on Whatsapp Business

Getting WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for your Business involves a step-by-step process. Let’s go through each stage:

Step 1: Ensure Compliance with WhatsApp Guidelines

Before initiating the verification process, review WhatsApp’s Business Policy and ensure that your brand meets all the guidelines. This includes having a suitable business presence, appropriate content, and compliance with legal requirements.

Step 2: Set Up a WhatsApp Business Account

If you haven’t already, create a WhatsApp Business account for Business. Create a WhatsApp API with Flexiwaba

Step 3: Gather Required Documents

Prepare the necessary documents that demonstrate your brand’s authenticity and legitimacy. These may include business licenses, registration certificates, tax IDs, and any other documentation relevant to your business entity.

Step 4: Submit Verification Request

Once you have all the required documents, navigate to the WhatsApp Business app settings and find the verification request option. Fill in the requested information accurately, including your business details, contact information, and the purpose of your WhatsApp presence.

Step 5: Await Verification Process

After submitting the verification request, Meta will review your application. The verification process may take some time, so be patient. Ensure that you comply with Meta’s policies during this waiting period to maintain your eligibility.

Tips for a Successful Green Check Mark on Whatsapp Business

While waiting for the verification process, consider implementing the following strategies to increase your chances of successful verification:

  1. Provide Accurate Business Information: Double-check that the information provided in your verification request aligns with your official business details. Inconsistencies can raise concerns and delay the verification process.
  2. Demonstrate Active Engagement with Customers: Show that you actively engage with customers by regularly responding to messages, addressing inquiries, and providing helpful information. This activity demonstrates your commitment to customer satisfaction.
  3. Showcase Authenticity and Trustworthiness: Utilize your WhatsApp Business account to showcase your brand’s authenticity and trustworthiness. Share relevant updates, valuable content, and maintain a professional and friendly tone in your conversations.
  4. Leverage WhatsApp Business Features: Take advantage of the features offered by WhatsApp Business to enhance customer experience. Utilize automated messages, labels, and other tools to streamline your communication and provide efficient support.


Obtaining WhatsApp Green Tick Verification for your brand, Flexiwaba is a valuable step toward building credibility and trust with your customers. By following the outlined process, ensuring compliance with WhatsApp guidelines, and showcasing active engagement with customers, you can enhance your brand’s reputation on WhatsApp. Remember, authenticity, transparency, and professionalism are key to achieving and maintaining the coveted WhatsApp Green Tick Verification.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) For Green Check Mark on Whatsapp Business

What is the purpose of WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is designed to verify the authenticity of business accounts and instill trust in customers when engaging with a brand on WhatsApp.

How long does it take to get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

The verification process duration varies and depends on several factors. It can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Can individuals get WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

No, WhatsApp Green Tick Verification is exclusively available for WhatsApp API accounts and not for individual users.

What happens if my brand is denied WhatsApp Green Tick Verification?

If your brand is denied verification, review the provided feedback and make the necessary adjustments. You can reapply for verification once you have resolved the issues highlighted during the initial review.

Can WhatsApp Green Tick Verification be revoked?

Yes, WhatsApp may revoke the Green Tick Verification if your brand violates WhatsApp’s policies or engages in inappropriate behavior on the platform.

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